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Natural Wellness Clinic - Offers individualize programs for weight loss success!

Natural Wellness Clinic Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss is a personal commitment towards better health and longevity.   NWC doctors supports their patients no matter where they are in their readiness for weight loss.   We only use natural and safe programs to achieve weight loss.  

Ultra Lite: The Ultra Lite program is a well-known diet plan that offers medical foods, diet modifications, and lifestyle changes to support life long weight loss.  It is an amazing program that almost anyone could start.  Weight loss for life with Ultra Lite is truly an innovative program that has been used world wide with great success.

Food Intolerances:  Ever wonder if the foods you are eating are the root of the problem?  Specialty food testing can offer valuable information that will both reduce inflammation in the body and encourage weight loss.  Often, we crave foods that may not be healthy for our body.  Inflammation is the root of diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, skin (ie. eczema, psoriasis), etc.     Also, inflammation draws water and extra weight.   Many people find that discovering their food intolerances can lead to weight loss and feeling great.

Lipotrim:  Weekly injections to support an overall healthy diet with whole foods & moderate balanced exercise routines.   Some of us need a little bit of help to encourage more weight loss.   The injections are a combination of vitamins and Italian homeopathic Rx combination for fat reduction support.   This treatment is an adjuvant treatment that is available for current patients or for new patients with a proper in depth evaluation.

Tolle Causam:  The root of the problem may require more thorough work up.    Many people have underlying issues that inhibit their weight loss.   A thorough work up with NWC doctors starts with an in depth 1-2 hour interview with the patient, a general physical, and basic lab tests.    NWC doctors do not wait for laboratory results to reflect disease to discuss prevention.    Prevention is the best cure to any health concern, particularly weight loss.    We will individualize weight loss goals to achieve the best results by tailoring treatments to both current health status and personal lifestyle.


If you are ready to lose the fat, look younger and feel better than you have in years, call (408) 792-7229 and request a weight loss consultation.  We will take it from there!