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"Dr. Tran is the first doctor out of dozens that really understood the significance of underlying causes for my difficulties. Through information gathered from personal consultation, blood screenings, and observations from examinations, I not only feel much better, as a result of following her recommendations, but I believe the possibility of regaining optimum health is a definite possibility, instead of wishful thinking. She really cares about her patients and work very hard to determine the best methods for restoring their health. I cannot thank you enough!" Jane J, Berkeley, CA & Austin, TX



"Dr. Yen Tran is an excellent doctor and very thorough in her diagnosis. Dr. Tran takes the time to travel deep into a story, and discover the root of a patient’s medical condition. Her extensive medical knowledge, both traditional and herbal, and gentleness, empowers patients to want to do what is best, and to follow her prescribed path. I have recommended Dr. Tran to many friends, and each have had the same praise." Laurie E., Pescadero, CA



“I can't recommend Dr. Tran enough. I've been working with her for both myself and my son who has ADHD.


First me: I went to my allopathic Dr. for perimenopausal symptoms. She said "here's some zoloft". No thanks. I went to Dr Tran and we are going all natural. It's definitely a slower process because 1) I'm old 2) takes time to turn your body around. But after a few months I started to feel better and now 7 months later I feel much better. And drug free! She is VERY thorough and her knowledge of how herbs/supplements/drugs/homeopathy affect the body is really impressive.


Now my son: He is only 5 years old but at 3 yrs old he had pretty severe ADHD. Let's say he was at a 10 out of 10 in hyper/aggressive/etc etc. After 2 years of diets, behavioral and occupational therapies etc we were stuck on a very limited diet and had only been able to get him to about a level 6. Yes better than a 10 but still very difficult. I took him to Dr. Tran after doing well myself with her. She is actually very interested in children with special needs. So right away she took all kinds of tests, and approached it from all angles. He is taking supplements, on homeopathy and on some allergy drops for his food intolerances. We'll be able to eat regular food again! The best part is that he is now at a 4!!! It's awesome. He's just calmer and his quality of life is improved. I'm pretty confident that in a few more months we'll get to a 2 or 3. Then life will be even better. Thank you Dr. Tran.” Monnia O. Santa Clara, CA



"I highly recommend Dr Tran as your primary care physician. I had a complicated case and western traditional allopathic care was not just plain scary dangerous but life threatening for me, and most others. Conventional medicine doesn't get to the root--all on purpose for the sake of money but that's a whole other epidemic virus in itself! Both paradigms are necessary and complementary but naturopathic wellness is the way to go. Important to note is that not all naturopaths truly practice holistically either, where many, like allopathic doctors, over supplement and truly do not target specific imbalances/ deficiencies. BUT, the good news is that Dr Tran knows what she's doing and cares about the patient first and foremost, the way medicine is meant to be practiced. Amen." Amira R, San Jose, CA


"Dr. Tran is wonderful. She listens to you and really works with you to make sure she gets the correct diagnosis. I have a long road ahead of me, but I am slowly making progress with her guidance. She is currently treating me for chronic fatigue, major depression & anemia. My "usual" doctor didn't know what else to do with me, Dr. Tran is highly knowledgeable and very current on the newer illnesses such as chronic fatigue. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking natural wellness." Brandy M, San Jose, CA



"I have been a patient of Dr. Tran's for over a year now. Prior to seeking out her naturopathic methods for treating my condition, I had seen eight medical doctors over a four year span of time. My chronic condition has been difficult to diagnose, and only two doctors agree in their diagnosis and treatment. The other six doctors had only been able to give an educated guess and had prescribed a variety of medicines with only short-term results.


Because of the limited results that I experienced, I sought out Dr. Tran for her guidance. After an extensive consultation with Dr. Tran, she determined a supplement regimen for me among other lifestyle changes that she would like me to continually work towards.
She took great care, not only in listening to my ailments, but she also discussed naturopathic methods at length as opposed to traditional western medicine. (Without any bias I might add). She has a great deal of insight into the two methods of treatment.


Dr. Tran is without a doubt highly qualified, educated, intelligent and emotionally sensitive. She has that rare quality of caring for her patients' needs and that allows her to treat the whole person, not just the condition. Because of her efforts, I have now experienced more consistent relief and I feel I am on the path to wellness.


I now have a greater understanding of my condition, and I am treating the cause with a more healthful approach, not just taking a medicine to temporarily mask the symptoms. I hope to one day regain my health to optimum levels (for a baby boomer anyway), and I hope that Dr. Tran will be part of that future."
With much gratitude, Steve F, Mountain View, CA



"I have been a client of Dr. Tran's going on 2 years now and I really enjoy working with her. My first appointment with her lasted 2.5 hours...never before has a doctor taken so much time with me, getting to know me and my symptoms! The follow-up visit to receive the treatment plan was the following week and it lasted about an hour. For all subsequent visits, I've felt like Dr. Tran takes the time to hear me out and I never feel rushed to leave.


Dr. Tran's recommendations have been relatively easy to adhere to and the medications/supplements are pretty inexpensive. I've been to other naturopathic-oriented places where the supplements cost nearly as much as the visit.


I am very happy with the results I have seen so far. I definitely plan on continuing my treatment with her and recommend her without hesitation to anyone trying to better their health through natural and holistic means." Amy S - Sunnyvale, CA


"Dr. Tran is very knowledgeable and kind, I'm so grateful to have found her. My life has changed, I used to have daily headaches along with other ailments. After working with Dr. Tran, my headaches are virtually non-existent, my energy is great and I feel like a new person. Through the years I have gone to acupuncturists, chiropractors, reiki and massage therapists and non of those experiences provided long-term solutions like Dr. Tran's has.
She is very well educated, always available and her office is beautiful. I truly believe Dr. Tran can help anyone with health concerns and I highly recommend her." Stacey T - San Carlos, CA


"Dr. Yen Tran has consistently provided the best care and remedies for helping me attain optimum health. Her knowledge, dedication and genuine caring is evident from her gentle style, non-judgmental encouragement, and willingness to educate and work with me in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She takes the time to answer all my concerns.
I heartily endorse Dr. Tran." Virginia L - Santa Clara, CA


"I have known Dr Tran almost for a year now. When I met Dr. Tran for the very first time, I knew I was in right hands to find a solution for my pain and inflammation. Dr Tran during her sessions with me displayed professionalism, knowledge about the condition, attention to details and most of all compassion. She is very flexible with treatment plan and adjusted it according to my needs and convenience. I am greatly impressed by her integration of homeopathy, diet and dietary supplements for my health condition, which has responded very well to above combination.
My condition has immensely improved during the span of treatment. I am deeply impressed by Dr. Tran and recommend her unhesitatingly." - Sangeetha M Fremont, CA

"After my own research and seeing other naturopahtic doctors, I found Dr. Tran to be the most qualified and personable Naturopathic doctor. I have enjoyed each visit as she caters to each of my health need to every minute detail. I have seen her for over 6months now, and am please with my results. My hormone balance has improved along with better skin complexion and immune system. I look forward to living a more healthier lifestyle with Dr. Tran's care and knowledge.
Kind Regards," - Alina C. San Jose, CA



"When I first started seeing Dr. Tran she told me she had homeopathic and natural remedies to help relieve my severe pain from menstrual cramps. Every Dr. and alternative practitioner I’ve seen over the last 30 years has told me they can help, so I was willing but extremely skeptical that this would work. To my surprise, her treatment actually did make a difference and I was able to reduce my use of pain meds. After all these years of debilitating pain and trying pretty much everything under the sun, including around 13 different prescription medications, I have finally found some relief.


Dr. Tran saw me immediately for severe abdominal pain when I could not get into my MD’s office. Dr Tran diagnosed me with an ulcer and started me on natural and homeopathic treatments as well as helping me adjust my diet during this time. My MD later confirmed the ulcer diagnosis and recommended treatment with prescription meds but I wanted to give Dr Tran’s treatment course a chance. I had quick relief of my ulcer with Dr. Tran’s care and treatment and I ended up not needing to have an endoscope or use prescription drugs for it.

I have been very pleased with Dr. Tran’s willingness to try various treatments in order to find the best fit for me. I like that she listens to what I have to say about my own body and works as a true partner in helping me help my body be the best and healthiest it can." -Debbie R. Sunnyvale, CA